Klejtrup Byportal

Klejtrup it is website for small city in Denmark. 

Umitech was delivering Umbraco part of the project.

In internal site structure were used standart Umitech's approach with separating part of the site, which is containing data (data nodes) and pages (Node which have Urls), This approach for building backend, making for user more strict workflow with website, but in the same time keeping enough flexibility.

For content managers permissions, was developed custom security permission module, which is separating node view to specific user roles. (For several user roles, some administrating part of the tree node is not rendering).

Administrators are get notified via email (Email templates are configurable via Umbraco), when new node of specific types are added to the system by users.

Thumbnails are generating automatically using Image Resizer plugin.

Calendar is using AJAX approach of loading data for previous/next months.

Client:  Codes2Nature
Url:  Klejtrup Byportal
Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Ajax, Razor, json, MS SQL Server